Blind, Confused, Clueless Love

Blind, Confused, Clueless Love

She was intense 
like a flame to a dry field
It spreads, it burns,
she demands your attention.

She was timeless,
like a wave crashing on the sand
fluently alive, raging furiously,
and manipulating your emotions.

That girl was beautiful,
a frequent imbalance of naughty or nice,
urging you to protect her or defend yourself,
begging you to walk then run,
– to her or away from her,
forcing you to decide.

She was magnetic,
She was gravity,
She was pressure,
She was force.

That girl is love.

kristin l. cook

Poison; They Call It Love

Poison; They Call It Love
Your memory is like a prison
I can’t run, I can’t sleep
Thoughts of you make it hard to eat

Your touch was like a drug
Just stick the needle in
while I pulse and shrug
leave, find that bar stool
I can’t unlove you
and I don’t want to
Besides, she wants to fuck you
The truth is I’d rather lie here
with this band tight on my arm
and this one day rush of harm
than forget that you left me,
you left your love,
as I come down
and you let me drown
kristin l. cook

Hey baby, I love you, and baby, I need you

Hey baby, I love you, and baby, I need you

you’re in my dreams,
i see you there, but i don’t know you.

you’re in my fantasy,
every thought, every wish

you’re in my head,
i can feel you, and i can feel your warmth

you’re on my lips,
like the taste of honey, floral and sweet

you’re in my heart,
like the smell of pine on a summer Mendocino drive

you’re my shoulder,
not to cry on, but to hold on to, strong and firm

you’re my sweet escape,
every morning, day, and night

you’re my mystery
that captivates and soothes my soul

kristin l. cook


Forbidden Romance

Forbidden Romance

And then your eyes met mine,
suddenly I was blind

my hand mirrored yours,
they intertwined

you held me close
and promised you wouldn’t let go

my heart beat faster
because you’re a good dancer

I could feel your breath
I could sense your touch
I want you
and I crave your love

You’re like smoke to a cigar,
You’re like lips to red wine,
You’re that rebel, that rush,
you’re that guilty crush

They say guard your heart,
a man like that isn’t worth the start

But I can’t turn you away,
your smile is like a drug,
I’m just waiting for you to pull the plug

We always want something we can’t have
and damn it,
that’s what hurts so bad

Kristin L. Cook



Right Eyed Tears

Right Eyed Tears

For all of the girls that are too strong to cry and can bear the weight of the world on your shoulders without showing any kind of struggle. Just know that this one is for you.

Look at these old photographs,
the memories of you just flood right back,
it’s like it was yesterday,
but our love faded away.

We were like a fairytale,
when we kissed under my veil,
it’s bittersweet that a love like ours had to go stale.

Loving you was easy,
falling for you was sweet,
crying over you was dreadful,
and getting over you was free.

Tears remind us we’re alive,
even the strong have to fight to survive.

Humility is humble and grace is pure,
our love was real, this I’m sure.

You’ve moved on,
and I found myself,
I’ll never know why,
our love had to die,
but trust me, I’m good with your goodbye.

From time to time,
I like to visit our prime,
Not because I want it back,
but because it’s ok to remember my past.

I’ve learned to look at where you’re headed,
to think about how far you’ve come,
and march to the beat of your own drum.

If the heartache can make you smile,
and the pain can make you laugh,
just be patient, you’ll find your true other half.

Because a person who can endure pain,
and still remain sane,
who can look beyond the horizons,
and know this isn’t where it ends,
that’s a person who wears scars like trophies’,
and doesn’t care who see’s.

You become a person with wisdom,
and realize you’re not a victim,
love got you in and love got you out,
forgiveness is only for you, without a doubt.

Kristin Cook

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

A poem written for my friends – I’ll be there for you.

Surrounded by love,
Surrounded by people,
But in her thoughts she’s feeble

She escapes the day,
and drinks at night
She can’t fight the lonely,
so she stays in sight

It’s hard to find hope in others
when they leave with no goodbyes,
no words at all,
just unanswered questions that make her fall

Her tears don’t fall on his shoulders
they fall on mine

She’s strong and pretty,
she knows this is true
One day a man will stay,
and he’ll confide in you

Kristin L. Cook

Ghost of Goodbye by Ford Turrell
(the harmonica solo at this end is righteous)

Life is Simple; Just Add Water

 I love watching my grandma light up when she tells stories about her and my grandpa. She told me about how they rode from Texas to California on a motorcycle and how my grandpa sang at the Lucky Lady in Paskenta, CA in a band called the “Nelson Gold.” So Grandma, I love you and this one’s for you!

It’s nostalgic and sweet,
It twists and it turns, 
it changes,
it stays the same,

and it’s where love grows

It’s where Grandpa takes Grandma,
to write his music,
to play his songs,
and to be by him,
the closest thing to perfect,
that’s ever been

It’s where she sits on the blanket,
by his notebook and pen,
as he sings Willie Nelson’s,
Always on my mind, again

He puts his arms around her,
he holds her close,
her heart flutters,
her stomach turns,
and in that moment,
her love is what he’s earned

She closes her eyes,
and one tear falls,
he’s still with her,
he’s still with us all,

She thinks about him often,
she smiles about their life,
she wonders why he can’t be here,
and how happy she was to be his wife

As she reminisces about him,
she realizes that…

At the river,  memories are made,
and at the river, time fades,
and at the river, old becomes new,
and at the river, is where they say,
I love you

Kristin Cook

gma and gpa

The Wind Keeps Blowing You Through My Mind

I dedicate this poem to a wonderful woman who taught me how bittersweet life can be. She showed the world how strong she was, by fighting all the way to the end. She leaves behind a community of loved ones, who will cherish her memory and hold her close to their hearts. You will always be with us, maybe closer now than ever before.

Loving is easy when I think about you,
Reminiscing of all the good times we’ve been through.
The way you laughed, the way you cursed,
How your bird learned to speak the worst.
You always brought a smile to our face,
You did it with such joy and such grace

We are happy when you come to mind,
Remembering now, how we have such little time.
We’ll cry. You know that’s true,
We lost a radiant soul, we lost you.

Your life was grand, your life was blue,
You raised your own, you raised a few,
The bus rides were strict when they were with you,
We knew our limits, we couldn’t push through.

The time now is hard without you here,
We enjoyed so much when you were near.
Watch over us as we grieve,
Our memories together are wonderful, we just didn’t want you to leave.

Promise us you’ll visit often,
We pray one day the pain will soften.
Our sorrows will drift, our struggles will divide,
Just as the moon pulls the tide, 
In our hearts you’ll be by our side.

The tears that fall are like wind to the chimes,
We’re here to celebrate your life and we’re here to have good times.
As we all mourn together, I raise my glass to you and all your endeavors.
We love you Becky Trimm,
At the gates of heaven we’ll meet again.

-Kristin Cook