Burning Bridges

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My heart breaks with your cry.
How can I be happy?
When you’re barely getting by.
I just want to see you smile,
there’s no distance,
I would go the extra mile.
Your love for him has to be strong.
A man like that is weak and wrong.
To turn his back on his life,
and pursue a whore, not his wife.
Pathetic to his friends,
A coward to his family,
But to God, it’s BLASPHEMY.
So run little boy,
forget your morals,
forget your character,
forget your faith,
and run to hell
where she’ll be waiting for you.

-kristin l. cook

Andrew Hernandez Community Service Scholarship

Andrew Hernandez Community Service Scholarship

To honor your loved ones, be the things you loved most about them after they’re gone

Andrew Louis Hernandez was born in Chico, California. As one of his best friends said, “Andrew had a heart of gold, was athletic, caring, funny, determined, and an amazing friend.” He approached all aspects of life with exuberance, kindness and work ethic. Andrew played football and wrestled his entire life. Bringing up countless awards and achievements throughout his athletic career. His teammates knew Andrew would keep them safe on and off the field. Andrew’s enthusiasm for everything he did brought happiness to all those who knew him.

Andrew touched many different individuals and organizations during his life. He coached athletes of all ages, teaching them fundamentals and values of wrestling and football. Andrew wasn’t just an athletic coach though, he was a life coach too, demonstrating by example how to treat people with compassion and patience every day. His family hopes that his kind and compassionate heart will never be forgotten. Andrew will be remembered for accomplishing much in his short lifetime, but his greatest legacy will be his selfless love for God, family, community, and future students that he will never know, but who will benefit from the love and generosity of so many who were impacted by his life. Andrew always had time for others and the ideal candidate for this scholarship will share his enthusiasm for others and his benevolent spirit.

Application: Andrew Hernandez Community Service Scholarship




Self Righteous

You point your finger
You laugh at our shame
You boast of your body
and lack judgment of fame

You beg for attention
And call it dimension
You cry for acknowledgement
And welcome any argument

You blame everyone but yourself
We are all wicked,
We are all cruel,
You fail to face humility
and yet, we are the fool

What a lonely life you lead
When you’re always right
And cause unity to secede

Everyone is so self righteous
Forgive me for naming the injustice
Call me friend or call me foe
It really doesn’t matter though
When you’re the only one I see eating crow.

-kristin l. cook


Black River Run

I close my eyes to open my heart,
I’m not quite sure where to start,
You were my uncle, my best friend,
Your life wasn’t supposed to end.

You were always witty, and clever,
a facetious mastermind
You made the world laugh,
forever humble and kind.

I wish you were here
so time would pass
and we could have one more beer

It’s a bittersweet visual to see
your memory stream down my face
I’m thankful to collect each moment
that time can’t be replaced.

But damn,

without you,
my mascara wouldn’t run
So now I count my tears one by one

-kristin l. cook

In loving memory of Chris Stewart, who will always be my family and partner in crime.




Emotional Abendrot

Emotional Abendrot


Is it possible the sun is just an angry star?
Rising calmly with the cool morning air,
but never recognized for it’s contributions
and abilities to help love grow.
Relying on the wind for a chill breeze as it curses the land
with rays of heat and haunts the trees with shadows of rage.
Until it’s emotions have finally piqued with frustration,
does the sky turn red, and do you realize
you have taken for granted the light of the world
as it falls furiously behind the mountain,
only to face another ungrateful day.

-kristin l. cook