Nostalgic Perspective 

The sun peaks through the sky

Shadows cast down 

and time passes by

The red hills look purple and blue

I look at it and I only see you 

The lights in Vegas are bright

They remind me of the stars back home at night

Sin City never sleeps

But still I dream of you on repeat

As I fly above clouds where the air is thin 

The wind blows you through my mind again 

– kristin l. cook

The Chill Of Fall

The Chill Of Fall

For my new friend; Everything will be alright.

the chill of fall
means that time doesn’t stall
turn the page
fight the rage
cry at night
never lose sight
there’s beauty in change
it briefly feels strange
you are strong
love is never wrong
look around
leaves that were once green
are now yellow and brown
and even they fell gracefully to the ground

kristin l. cook

Let me love you, Let me save you

Let me love you, Let me save you

You held my heart in your hands
And forced me to take it back 
I wore your cross on my back 
Crying let me love you, let me save you
My heart grew to heavy to hold
Your cross sprouted thorns
Light couldn’t shine on your bosky character 
And I started glowing at night
The world slowed for a moment 
Sound had no noise
Scent had no smell
Your noble spirit was gone
And you hand over your ring
I cry let me love you, let me save you
As your cross crashes down from my shoulders
And I drag my heart back in chains
through the ashes of your love

– kristin l. cook

Naked Poetry is Naked Courage

Naked Poetry is Naked Courage

I perceive vulnerability as strength, to find bravery within yourself to showcase your weakness. My vulnerability is letting people in. I’ve created protective walls and checkpoints and this, I am aware. I understand the depths of myself, strengths, weaknesses, joys, and despair, but yet this mystery of who I am remains. A constant strength and a constant vulnerability, something I can’t outsmart nor outwork.

I always thought of desperate as being something negative, and it doesn’t have to have such a bad reputation. I think so deeply and I feel so passionately, to be desperate to give, seems entirely gracious to my heart’s standard. I think, to be desperate lies within the intention of which you seek. Desire is to strongly wish for something, but desperation is to act upon that wish. I desire to see people happy and desperately want to help them be happy.

My thoughts leading into this poem; Naked Poetry is Naked Courage.

i stand clothed in front of you
your eyes run over me
and i feel bare to your eye
vulnerable to your gaze 

i blush at my thoughts
when you say “come over here”

i’m desperate for your touch
a swift chill comes over me 
as i fall into you

you rescue me slowly
you hold me tenderly
and love me ravishly 

because you are to me
what i am to you

two bodies
two souls
two minds
one heart
one passion
one life.

kristin l. cook