The Wind Keeps Blowing You Through My Mind

I dedicate this poem to a wonderful woman who taught me how bittersweet life can be. She showed the world how strong she was, by fighting all the way to the end. She leaves behind a community of loved ones, who will cherish her memory and hold her close to their hearts. You will always be with us, maybe closer now than ever before.

Loving is easy when I think about you,
Reminiscing of all the good times we’ve been through.
The way you laughed, the way you cursed,
How your bird learned to speak the worst.
You always brought a smile to our face,
You did it with such joy and such grace

We are happy when you come to mind,
Remembering now, how we have such little time.
We’ll cry. You know that’s true,
We lost a radiant soul, we lost you.

Your life was grand, your life was blue,
You raised your own, you raised a few,
The bus rides were strict when they were with you,
We knew our limits, we couldn’t push through.

The time now is hard without you here,
We enjoyed so much when you were near.
Watch over us as we grieve,
Our memories together are wonderful, we just didn’t want you to leave.

Promise us you’ll visit often,
We pray one day the pain will soften.
Our sorrows will drift, our struggles will divide,
Just as the moon pulls the tide, 
In our hearts you’ll be by our side.

The tears that fall are like wind to the chimes,
We’re here to celebrate your life and we’re here to have good times.
As we all mourn together, I raise my glass to you and all your endeavors.
We love you Becky Trimm,
At the gates of heaven we’ll meet again.

-Kristin Cook