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To honor your loved ones, be the things you loved most about them after they’re gone.

Andrew Louis Hernandez was born in Chico, California. As one of his best friends said, “Andrew had a heart of gold, was athletic, caring, funny, determined, and an amazing friend.” He approached all aspects of life with exuberance, kindness and work ethic. Andrew played football and wrestled his entire life. Bringing up countless awards and achievements throughout his athletic career. His teammates knew Andrew would keep them safe on and off the field. Andrew’s enthusiasm for everything he did brought happiness to all those who knew him.

Andrew touched many different individuals and organizations during his life. He coached athletes of all ages, teaching them fundamentals and values of wrestling and football. Andrew wasn’t just an athletic coach though, he was a life coach too, demonstrating by example how to treat people with compassion and patience every day. His family hopes that his kind and compassionate heart will never be forgotten. Andrew will be remembered for accomplishing much in his short lifetime, but his greatest legacy will be his selfless love for God, family, community, and future students that he will never know, but who will benefit from the love and generosity of so many who were impacted by his life. Andrew always had time for others and the ideal candidate for this scholarship will share his enthusiasm for others and his benevolent spirit.

Application: 2021 Andrew Hernandez Community Service Scholarship Application



If you or someone you know is struggling with depression and thinking about suicide
please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 800-273-TALK.

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