You’re the trouble I’m in; Je te veux

You’re the trouble I’m in;  Je te veux

Your body is my vice,
I can’t resist you twice

Your fingers linger down my spine,
a chill runs over me, I call you mine

My back arches and I let out a sigh,
this is an all time high

The temptation is too strong,
you and I together is like a song

Our shadows cast over the wall,
a passion that won’t stall

I close my eyes and it all appeared,
the man, the fire, the beard

A serenity of desire,
the satisfying defeat,
as we finish,
and lay naked between your sheets

Kristin L. Cook


Forbidden Romance

Forbidden Romance

And then your eyes met mine,
suddenly I was blind

my hand mirrored yours,
they intertwined

you held me close
and promised you wouldn’t let go

my heart beat faster
because you’re a good dancer

I could feel your breath
I could sense your touch
I want you
and I crave your love

You’re like smoke to a cigar,
You’re like lips to red wine,
You’re that rebel, that rush,
you’re that guilty crush

They say guard your heart,
a man like that isn’t worth the start

But I can’t turn you away,
your smile is like a drug,
I’m just waiting for you to pull the plug

We always want something we can’t have
and damn it,
that’s what hurts so bad

Kristin L. Cook