Right Eyed Tears

Right Eyed Tears

For all of the girls that are too strong to cry and can bear the weight of the world on your shoulders without showing any kind of struggle. Just know that this one is for you.

Look at these old photographs,
the memories of you just flood right back,
it’s like it was yesterday,
but our love faded away.

We were like a fairytale,
when we kissed under my veil,
it’s bittersweet that a love like ours had to go stale.

Loving you was easy,
falling for you was sweet,
crying over you was dreadful,
and getting over you was free.

Tears remind us we’re alive,
even the strong have to fight to survive.

Humility is humble and grace is pure,
our love was real, this I’m sure.

You’ve moved on,
and I found myself,
I’ll never know why,
our love had to die,
but trust me, I’m good with your goodbye.

From time to time,
I like to visit our prime,
Not because I want it back,
but because it’s ok to remember my past.

I’ve learned to look at where you’re headed,
to think about how far you’ve come,
and march to the beat of your own drum.

If the heartache can make you smile,
and the pain can make you laugh,
just be patient, you’ll find your true other half.

Because a person who can endure pain,
and still remain sane,
who can look beyond the horizons,
and know this isn’t where it ends,
that’s a person who wears scars like trophies’,
and doesn’t care who see’s.

You become a person with wisdom,
and realize you’re not a victim,
love got you in and love got you out,
forgiveness is only for you, without a doubt.

Kristin Cook

The Mason’s 5/21/2016

You know, Alex and Lexie have something special.
Lexie gets irritated and becomes the little ball of fire that we all know her as, and well Alex, he just laughs.

For those of you who don’t know, I recruited Lexie to work with me last year at a Rackley Company BBQ, where I also officially met Alex. Since then, I’ve gotten to know Lexie as a professional and as a friend.She has a firm belief in right and wrong, she’s smart, beautiful and has wonderful character. I believe these are some of the qualities that Alex finds most attractive about her.

Well through this time of getting to know Lexie, their little family has grown and she’s collected one horse and one more puppy, and I can only imagine what Alex had to listen to, so she could bring those animals home. Alex has to be one of the most patient and kind-hearted people that I’ve ever met, because when Lexie sets her mind to something, she’s two feet in and there’s no turning back. She’s stubborn and hard-headed and somehow Alex has a way of calming her storms. He’s her rock and her soft place to fall when she’s ever doubting herself.

So if I could offer any advice to the newlyweds, it would be to soak in all of the elements that today has to offer. Think about what you see, what you smell, how you feel, and hold on to that memory as close to your heart as you can get. Alex, look at your bride so intensely and so intimately, that she can hear you say I love you without a sound and remember that she is graciously taking your name and there is no greater compliment that a wife could give to her husband. Lexie, show Alex how much you love him and tell him as often as you can. Always remember what an honor it is to be his wife and that he chose you to wear his name.

I’m excited to see what the future has in store for you two. Congratulations!