Life is Simple; Just Add Water

 I love watching my grandma light up when she tells stories about her and my grandpa. She told me about how they rode from Texas to California on a motorcycle and how my grandpa sang at the Lucky Lady in Paskenta, CA in a band called the “Nelson Gold.” So Grandma, I love you and this one’s for you!

It’s nostalgic and sweet,
It twists and it turns, 
it changes,
it stays the same,

and it’s where love grows

It’s where Grandpa takes Grandma,
to write his music,
to play his songs,
and to be by him,
the closest thing to perfect,
that’s ever been

It’s where she sits on the blanket,
by his notebook and pen,
as he sings Willie Nelson’s,
Always on my mind, again

He puts his arms around her,
he holds her close,
her heart flutters,
her stomach turns,
and in that moment,
her love is what he’s earned

She closes her eyes,
and one tear falls,
he’s still with her,
he’s still with us all,

She thinks about him often,
she smiles about their life,
she wonders why he can’t be here,
and how happy she was to be his wife

As she reminisces about him,
she realizes that…

At the river,  memories are made,
and at the river, time fades,
and at the river, old becomes new,
and at the river, is where they say,
I love you

Kristin Cook

gma and gpa

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