A poem written for my friends – I’ll be there for you.

Surrounded by love,
Surrounded by people,
But in her thoughts she’s feeble

She escapes the day,
and drinks at night
She can’t fight the lonely,
so she stays in sight

It’s hard to find hope in others
when they leave with no goodbyes,
no words at all,
just unanswered questions that make her fall

Her tears don’t fall on his shoulders
they fall on mine

She’s strong and pretty,
she knows this is true
One day a man will stay,
and he’ll confide in you

Kristin L. Cook

Ghost of Goodbye by Ford Turrell
(the harmonica solo at this end is righteous)

One thought on “You’ve Got A Friend In Me

  1. living life everyday so glad I live it with your amazingly wise ass. There’s reasons why we are where we are in life today keep it up your doing great 😘😍


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