Dust Settles, I won’t.

Dust Settles, I won’t.

Born to a world,
trapped in a cage.
with clipped wings,
and a passion to fly.
Dreaming of the wind,
Soaring at new heights,
The spirit of an eagle,
But the life of a lovebird

kristin l. cook


This particular poem was inspired by a past relationship.

He was “Reaching” and I was “Settling” although it didn’t feel that way at the time. He told me “if you weren’t with me, I could see you being anywhere, Paris, Montana, anywhere but Corning.”

I guess I was unaware of the potential and natural ambition inside me.
And it’s true, we learn the most about ourselves when we only have ourselves to spend time with. We learn, we grow, we make the impossible, possible, and we live again.


Another night, Another heartache
Another stranger, A different bed
It’s just a phase
It’s how it goes nowadays
A physical connection
Don’t open up; deflection
Just hope he can keep an erection
Leave before sunrise
Wear windblown hair as a disguise
Another day, They’re all the same
It’s just a game, Nothing new
When all I think about is you

– kristin l. cookIMG_5556.JPG

The Hustle Of Humble & Kind

The Hustle Of Humble & Kind


“Character is who you are when nobody is looking”


The Hustle Of Humble & Kind

I rise above the noise.
I look deception in the face. 
You want me to lose,
but I already won this race.
Fear couldn’t stop me.
Hell couldn’t break me.
If it’s a battle of the heart,
I got that.
If it’s a battle of the mind,
Yeah, I won that.
If it’s a battle of pride,
you can have it.
A life of emptiness and lies,
I don’t need it. 
So just keep talking,
I’ll keep grinding. 
It takes all kinds,
God has a purpose for all life lines.

kristin l. cook



She was a storm 
that kept you calm
a passionate challenge and defeat

She was unpredictable
like lightning 
igniting your fire
and keeping you awestruck

She was forceful
like a tornado
sweeping through your mind
captivating your thoughts

She was intense
like a blizzard
making you anxious 
for the warmth of her body

She was dangerous
like a hurricane
flooding your soul
and stealing your heart

She would let you drown
so she could save you with her kiss.

-kristin l. cook

Naked Poetry is Naked Courage

Naked Poetry is Naked Courage

I perceive vulnerability as strength, to find bravery within yourself to showcase your weakness. My vulnerability is letting people in. I’ve created protective walls and checkpoints and this, I am aware. I understand the depths of myself, strengths, weaknesses, joys, and despair, but yet this mystery of who I am remains. A constant strength and a constant vulnerability, something I can’t outsmart nor outwork.

I always thought of desperate as being something negative, and it doesn’t have to have such a bad reputation. I think so deeply and I feel so passionately, to be desperate to give, seems entirely gracious to my heart’s standard. I think, to be desperate lies within the intention of which you seek. Desire is to strongly wish for something, but desperation is to act upon that wish. I desire to see people happy and desperately want to help them be happy.

My thoughts leading into this poem; Naked Poetry is Naked Courage.

i stand clothed in front of you
your eyes run over me
and i feel bare to your eye
vulnerable to your gaze 

i blush at my thoughts
when you say “come over here”

i’m desperate for your touch
a swift chill comes over me 
as i fall into you

you rescue me slowly
you hold me tenderly
and love me ravishly 

because you are to me
what i am to you

two bodies
two souls
two minds
one heart
one passion
one life.

kristin l. cook