The Cowgirl Rides Away

We look up at night
Because it’s your light
That shines upon the moon
A beautiful life that ended too soon

So much of us
Is so much of you
You taught us to be strong
Without you here feels so wrong

You have some big shoes to fill
If only time could stand still
When you were close
When you were near
Not having you here
Is what we fear

Just come back to us
Let us know you haven’t left
That your spirit will not leave
Words come so hard in moments like these

Please visit us from time to time
In our hearts and in our minds

We’ll celebrate your life
We’ll remember your laugh
We’ll see you in our memory
Just like a photograph

I wish we didn’t have to feel pain
Losing you makes us go insane
There has to be a reason
We trust in God this season
I’ll get down on my knees
And pray that we find ease

kristin l. cook



13 thoughts on “The Cowgirl Rides Away

  1. i just can’t even feel I just sat n stared at so much beauty then cried i cry fr me i cry fr u i cry for us i sdigh i breathe for u I breathe for me I breathe for us …i will continue to ride or diue w yr chin hi Dee HOMEGIRL YOUD SAY there will never b another u u were more spe ial tgan u ever knew iv been walking tbihs world w kno shoes grounded as u taught me ive been getting up i do my program i stay chin up n i hear u behind me i cry at night cuz mo st dont kno alone datk cold we saw alot o thets forgot i havent corona vsp and across the street free world one day we were bound to see
    little did I know the joy the treat the smile the joy the love your brong and how some fucktatd took u away from me NEE KNEE knotty i love u like my left chances myh last stinger my only hot chorizo stick i love u still like I luv my damn kids the ache the struggle life, huh wat a fucking joke is this …. u always have my cheek a big strong fat kiss yr arm round my neck him me a hug ill nvr forget all the love i hope n pray your up above i fell it new bee knotty 1 love RIP HOMEGIRL SIGH CRY I’LL GT IT OUT I LU SO MUCH POUT SHOUT I CRY FROM FRUSTRATION YOUR NO LONGER HERE I CRY THE HEAT ANGER IN MY TEARS I CRY CZ I FEEL WEAK AND NEVER AGAIN WILL I GET TO SEE MY PRECIOUS FRI END


  2. Kristen, what a wonderful tribute to your sister & your family! Monica was & always will be a special part of your life, as well as many others! My thoughts & prayers are with you all!


  3. She was an angel we couldn’t keep to ourselves, as for god opened his arms in love for his daughter. Such a bright beautiful soul, Monica you will always be remembered.


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