7 Year Itch

7 Year Itch

I felt the adrenaline in my veins.
I’ve seen the rage in my eyes.
I’ve smelled the fear in your lies.
You stood like a coward
defeated by the demons you empowered.
You may have chose our path,
but I embodied my wrath
with clinched fists and a firm voice
“I hope you rot in hell” was my choice
I smiled with dignity,
set fire to the mystery,
as I drink from my glass of victory.
Redemption with Authenticity.

– kristin l. cook

Based on my true story


Another night, Another heartache
Another stranger, A different bed
It’s just a phase
It’s how it goes nowadays
A physical connection
Don’t open up; deflection
Just hope he can keep an erection
Leave before sunrise
Wear windblown hair as a disguise
Another day, They’re all the same
It’s just a game, Nothing new
When all I think about is you

– kristin l. cookIMG_5556.JPG

The Hustle Of Humble & Kind

The Hustle Of Humble & Kind


“Character is who you are when nobody is looking”


The Hustle Of Humble & Kind

I rise above the noise.
I look deception in the face. 
You want me to lose,
but I already won this race.
Fear couldn’t stop me.
Hell couldn’t break me.
If it’s a battle of the heart,
I got that.
If it’s a battle of the mind,
Yeah, I won that.
If it’s a battle of pride,
you can have it.
A life of emptiness and lies,
I don’t need it. 
So just keep talking,
I’ll keep grinding. 
It takes all kinds,
God has a purpose for all life lines.

kristin l. cook