Another night, Another heartache
Another stranger, A different bed
It’s just a phase
It’s how it goes nowadays
A physical connection
Don’t open up; deflection
Just hope he can keep an erection
Leave before sunrise
Wear windblown hair as a disguise
Another day, They’re all the same
It’s just a game, Nothing new
When all I think about is you

– kristin l. cookIMG_5556.JPG

The Hustle Of Humble & Kind

The Hustle Of Humble & Kind


“Character is who you are when nobody is looking”


The Hustle Of Humble & Kind

I rise above the noise.
I look deception in the face. 
You want me to lose,
but I already won this race.
Fear couldn’t stop me.
Hell couldn’t break me.
If it’s a battle of the heart,
I got that.
If it’s a battle of the mind,
Yeah, I won that.
If it’s a battle of pride,
you can have it.
A life of emptiness and lies,
I don’t need it. 
So just keep talking,
I’ll keep grinding. 
It takes all kinds,
God has a purpose for all life lines.

kristin l. cook



She was a storm 
that kept you calm
a passionate challenge and defeat

She was unpredictable
like lightning 
igniting your fire
and keeping you awestruck

She was forceful
like a tornado
sweeping through your mind
captivating your thoughts

She was intense
like a blizzard
making you anxious 
for the warmth of her body

She was dangerous
like a hurricane
flooding your soul
and stealing your heart

She would let you drown
so she could save you with her kiss.

-kristin l. cook

Its your life

Its your life

she became cold to her surroundings
her survival method was frowning
fighting for everyone’s happiness 
only known for haughtiness

she was numb to normal
chaos felt cordial
hiding behind frozen eyes
she’s been told endless lies

everything she hoped for,
everything she dreamed,
only made her a working fiend

she lost her spark, 
her world turned dark,
she challenged her morals,
she confronted her spirit,
she lacked her smile, 
that’s not her style.

She was desperately broken,
Wisely unspoken,
Questioning devotion,
just going through the motions.

Strong enough to choose,
Smart enough to justify, 
and brave enough to gamble.

– kristin l. cook


Finding My Cornerstone

Finding My Cornerstone

Is it disappointment or dismay?
Have my emotions turned grey?
I hear you talking behind my back
But I act like an amnesiac.
I carry a social demand,
that many can’t withstand.
They say the hardest walks 
are the paths stepped alone
But don’t worry about me,
I’ll be at my cornerstone. 
I’m building a foundation, 
there is no time for toleration. 
You look at me,
call me crazy,
call me mad, 
Busco el amor en amistad

– kristin l. cook


The cornerstone (or foundation stone) concept is derived from the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure.

Busco el amor en amistad means “finding love in friendship”